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The Story of a Painting by August W. van Voorden (1881-1921)

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In May 1940 Nazi Germany wanted a fast route to invade France: and used Holland (the Netherlands) and Belgium as their route to enable their 'Blitzkrieg' - Holland didn't surrender fast enough so they decided to bomb Rotterdam - the bombs destroyed the entire centre of the city and a fire blaze finished their 'work' - upon the thread of this bombardment holland surrendered, but not in time for the bombs to fall (Holland surrendered something like 20 minutes before the first bombs fell on Rotterdam).
These were not the only ones that hit Rotterdam - between May 10 and May 14, 1940, also Dutch and British forces bombed the city causing as many deaths as the Nazi German bombs did: see below.
Between May 10-14 at least 20 strategic bombardments were executred on Rotterdam before the 'large' bombardment of the centre of the city. Ten by the Luftwaffe (Germany), five by the Militaire Luchtvaart (ML, Netherlands), and five by the Royal Air Force (RAF, United Kingdom). From these strategic bombardments 900 civilians were killed, the same number as with the 'large' bombardment of May 14. In these days 185 Dutch militairy were killed during the fighting in Rotterdam. During the occupation time (1940-1945) RAF and the United States Army Air Force Rotterdam was bombed 120 times more, from which again another 900 people were killed.
List of the bombardments May 10-14, 1940
May 10
1 03h55   Luftwaffe Waalhaven Airport
2 04h45   Luftwaffe Waalhaven Airport
3 ± 06h00   Luftwaffe Anti Aircraft Defence, Pier 7 (went wide, all bombs into Waalhaven)
4 ± 11h30   RAF Waalhaven Airport
5 ± 11h50   ML Waalhaven Airport
6 ± 12h35   ML Waalhaven Airport
7 ± 14h00   RAF Waalhaven Airport
8 ± 22h00   RAF Maasbruggen (went wide, onto Noordereiland)
9 ± 22h30   RAF Waalhaven Airport, Maasbruggen (also Noordblaak and area got hit)
May 11
10 10h28   ML Maasbruggen (missed target, Noordereiland hit)
11 13h20   ML Maasbruggen (missed target, all bombs into River Maas)
12 ± 16h00   Luftwaffe Command post Veemarkt, Oostplein, Wijnhaven, Noordblaak
May 12
13 ± 00h00   Luftwaffe Barracks Westersingel, military quartesr Robert Fruinstraat (also Schietbaanlaan and area got hiy)
14 ± 11h30   Luftwaffe Station Delftsche Poort, Beursstation, Maasstation, Oostplein barracks
(also the Rotterdam Zoo got hit)
15 ± 16h00   ML Waalhaven Airport, Feijenoord stadium
16 ± 17h00   Luftwaffe Lloyd grounds
17 ± 21h00   RAF Waalhaven Airport
May 13
18 ± 17h30   Luftwaffe target unknown (city centre hit)
May 14
19 ± 10h00   Luftwaffe target unknown (city centre hit)
20 13h27   Luftwaffe large bombardement (centre, Kralingen, North)