Willemsplein and Westerplein

Willemsplein was originally named: Westerplein.
This name was changed to Willemsplein in 1851, after a visit of King Willem III to Rotterdam (in 1851).
Rotterdam also has a Westplein, same as an Oostplein, a Noordplein and a Zuidplein.
(I imagine the name of Westplein was brought into use after 1851)

Nieuwe Werk

The area named Nieuwe Werk is also referred to as Scheepvaartkwartier (Shipping Quarter).


This street is not shown on the painting.
It is, however, the street where my grandfather had his company Goudzwaard & Kolff, that owned the Helvetia ships shown in the painting.
This street lead off Willemsplein towards the shipping entrance to Zalmhaven. It can be seen on the enlargement of the 'old' map of the area.
Nowadays it is part of an enlarged Willemsplein.
This street was named after a windmill: the Pelikaan, that stood here for centuries, before the industrial expansion of Rotterdam.