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The Story of a Painting by August W. van Voorden (1881-1921)

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One of the ships
Helvetia IX (above),
Helvetia X (below)

The images at left show two of the Helvetia's. On the painting one sees Helvetia XII. Behind it is another Helvetia, but the number is not shown. Maybe it's one of these two at left?
I have the idea that all, or at least most, of the ships of Goudzwaard & Kolff were named Helvetia, with a number depicted Roman style.

Just out of curiosity I started to look online for the Helvetia XII bit I didn't find it (see below). Still interesting is that I found:
Helvetia IX (demolished 2009), and
Helvetia X (demolished 1992)
(Links lead to website of De Binnenvaart and I hope they don't mind me using their images)
Helvetia IX served for almost 100 years and Helvetia X for almost 80 years!

I found pictures of Helvetia XII at the website of Jan and Alex den Ouden (home page) and their Helvetia Page, both imnages below come from their website (I asked for permission to publish their images, but have not recieved any reply so far). Would like to thank them here, then, in any case!

Another one of the ships
Helvetia XII   At the above site I found the Helvetia XII which is also shown in the painting.

Click on the image for an enlargement.

Helvetia at Willemsplein Quay   Helvetia's (at left the Helvetia XII from the painting) at the quay almost as depicted on the painting, just from another angle.

Click on the image for an enlargement.