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The Story of a Painting by August W. van Voorden (1881-1921)

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oude luchtfoto thumb
Areal view of Willemsplein, Westerstraat, and surroundings (approx. 1930).
  A word of thanks, but to whom?
It has been very difficult to find the location of the painting, but I found it thanks to the image shown at left here. I was very happy when I found this areal view image. Thanks to this picture I could finally locate where the painting was set. Both of the sites that show this image have difficult ways to appoach them. It has not been possible for me to send them an email on the use of this image. So, I placed it without asking them or thanking them. Below are the sites where I found the image:
4umi.comand www.vansandick.com/familie/links/mei1940.php.

I sincerely hope that I may leave the image at this website without any problems. It is the only picture I found of this location. It is also the one and only image that enabled me to trace the location of the painting. The two should be together! In case the authors have any problems, please report them to me. However, I don't think this will be necessary, they will surely be happy that such a historical and cultural document on Rotterdam has become available on the internet.

Two of the images are from De Binnenvaart.nl; these are the images of the Helvetia ships that have sailed for so many years on. I hope Binnenvaart.nl will agree to the use of these images.

Other images have been used because they seem to be available for public use; by which I mean: as far as I am aware of they do not have any further 'rights' for publishing. In case there are 'rights' please let me know: follow the link below at the main page to send me an email on this matter.

The Hague, March 2011
Helvetia nieuw thumb
The same location, but here from the river, as shown in the painting of Van Voorden.