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The Youngest Branch at Middelharnis (part 2: 2/5)

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Kade Middelharnis More than once a ship got lost at sea. During World War I often because a ship hit a mine. For support to the widows of the men that perished at sea the Vissers Weduwen Fonds (Fund for Fishermen's Widows) existed at Middelharnis. Management came into the hands of our cousin Agaath (CBB XVk2) (1889-1951), daughter of 'young' Cor, who died in 1923. The capital of this fund must have been around 200.000 guilders. Payments amounted to one or two guilders a week. Even until after World War II - on Saturday afternoons, when all the other work was done - the youngest servant of the firm brought the hundred or so guilders on his bicycle to the widows' homes, after this had been prepared by miss Kolff. But this was already much later in time. The last shipping boat had by then been long sold to Vlaardingen (in 1921). The 1914-1918 War had been the cause of the ruin of that part of the company. What was left of the firm after 1918?

In the 1930's and 1940's four men worked at the office and in the warehouse, further there was a represetative who had a driving licence. In 1943 one of the office clerks and the warehouse assistant were put to work in Germany on the order of the occupying power. The remaining employees had to fill in their tasks. The activities were then (apart from the Vissers Weduwen Fonds): the wholesale and other trade in wines, distilled and non-alcoholic drinks, the wholesale in groceries, the Nederlandse Bank agency as well as the agency of the Nutsspaarbank Middelharnis-Sommelsdijk, the agency of the Brandverzekeringsmaatschappij Tiel-Utrecht (fire insurance company, also included insurance of harvests in barns), settlements of bills of exchange and promissory notes, the brokers' agency R. Mees & Zonen at Rotterdam, and - to conclude this list - several stewardships in polder administrations.

Image: Kolff's warehouse (the building on the right) at a Middelharnis quay, beginning 1900's. Ship is MD1, not one of Kolff's, but of the other ship owners at Middelharnis: P.L. Slis & Son. Source of this image and images at next pages: Middelharnis in vroeger eeuwen (See at the Links Page: Middelharnis).