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From the Lowlands to the Hills - Introduction by Elisabeth Scott (2.0)

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Introduction by Elizabeth Scott
This is the story of a strong Dutchwoman and a good New Zealander.

Tora's life has taken many twists and turns - events over which she had no control completely taking charge, but with her genius for adaption and thoughtful assessment she has built on what was there and begun every new experience with courage and curiosity.

This glimpse of alien cultures, Dutch and Indonesian, in the early and middle part of the century, and back again to occupied Europe, is fascinating and absorbing. When the story moves to New Zealand it is refreshingly funny. The polite puzzlement with which this Dutch family observed some of our more absurd conventions is delightful. I am intrigued by the references to the strong women who have been so important in shaping Tora's life - Ma, that early feminist, Sister Anna and Rita, the Girl Guide leader, and I keep hoping we may hear more about them in another story. This one has been written primarily for the extended family. Being printed it may well interest and delight many more readers.

Elizabeth Scott