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Article taken from De Colve I - 1996: Cousin Willy tells us... (2/3)

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Willy Kolff-Vernes, Middelburg, 2003 How it happened and where we got out of the train I don't remember, but it was way past the Amersfoort station, maybe at Nijkerk. We quickly took a taxi and drove back to Amersfoort, ran into the station from the back-side, and walked, as if nothing had happened, relaxed out of the station at the front entrance, hoping the driver would not have noticed our rediculous journey. "The train was rather late," we told him, and all this good fellow did was give a nod and that was it! I had to laugh so much about this whole show, but ever shy Nico thought it a difficult situation, and I was supposed never to tell anyone...
After we often stayed at 'Nimmerdor', with the smooth and efficient household, where order and schedule ruled, but to which I have the best memories.
Also we often stayed with cousin Baldine (CBCA XVIp) at Naarden where the atmosphere was just as pleasant, the house was always filled with guests, but where the household was run less efficient. At times it was very cold in the guest-rooms, other times it was unbeleavably hot, aspecially in the guest-room above the front entrance. Sometimes maid-servant Marie miscalculated the number of guests while buying food so that there would not be enough food! Before Nico met me he spent many a springtime here to relax from his heavy studies and work and get new energy. And when he was telling one of his often melancholic accounts about some happening cousin Baldine used to respond in her own funny way "Now come on, Nico. Nonsense!" Which made him laugh because he had a good sense of humour.
Nico and Willy