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Article taken from De Colve I - 1996: Cousin Willy tells us... (3/3)

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Willy Kolff-Vernes, Middelburg, 2003To end my story I'd like to say this: please come to the Family Days! Then you will get to know most of the members of the family. 1950 was our first Family Day together. This was at cousin Jan and Ella (CBCD XVIv) at the Koekoekslaan in Wassenaar. Nico introduced me to all present. I shook many hands, hardly understood any name, and thought: "How can I ever remember all of these names and faces?" But it was not that bad, aspecially thanks to cousin Jan, at that time secretary of the family association, who knew all, and who didn't get tired in helping me. Rare are the years that I skipped a Family Day. I am full of respect for the organizors of these days who always manage to create a good reunion. Now that I myself am seventy-nine years old I can imagine so very well that all of the younger members think I am centuries old... just like I thought of the board when I was introduced in 1950.

To conclude: See you at the Family Day!

Willy Kolff-Vernes (CBCF, XVz2)
[transl.: Marius Kolff]

Note: During the major part of the 20th Century within the family Kolff members were referred to with their nickname, that could derive from the place where they lived, their company or their work, or, sometimes, the size of their body! An example: Jan [my grandfather, Marius, ed.] was nicknamed Jan Koekoek: he lived at the Koekoekslaan in Wassenaar.