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Article taken from De Colve II - 1997: Duin en Dennen (2/3)

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Tineke Kolff-Sutherland, aged 20 First, an anecdote on Tineke Kolff-Sutherland (CBCD XVIIw) and the house Duin en Dennen.
From Wassenaar in de Tweede Wereldoorlog [Wassenaar in the Second World War] (see sources at the next page of De Colve II).
"Also Mrs. C.C.W.F. Kolff-Sutherland had once been picked up by the 'Voluntary Police' for being in the open during an air raid. They brought her to their 'barracks' (the 'Duin en Dennen' villa) at the Koekoekslaan, off all places the house of her future parents-in-law, where she had to peal potatoes for the officers" (the image, at left, of Tineke dates from 1947). At the time she was brought there in the Second World War she didn't know that this would be, later, her home for so many years, after she married Herman, raised the three children from his previous marriage, and the five children that would be born here from her.

The article that was included in De Colve was based on a publication (6 June 1996) in 'Groot Wassenaar', a local advertorial. After this page follows that publication which gave the idea to include a 'Duin en Dennen' page in De Colve II. The publication itself, at the next page, was not included in De Colve. At this website we include that interview.

The article can be found at the previous page; the interview at the next.