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Summary of articles from De Colve VIII - 2003 (1/3)

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From the Chairman

There is much involvement of Kolffs with water. There are their activities in sports that have to do with water, there are professional connections with water such as the shipping and ship-building. As far back as the 17th century our progenitor Wouter Kolff was deacon of the Guild of the Skippers at Nijmegen. On many of our Family Days water has been the leading theme: we sailed the lakes of Holland and the canals of Amsterdam, we went by hydrofoil from Rotterdam to Hook of Holland (and back!), we visited waterworks such as the Delta Works to which the Waterschappen contributed so much financially. This theme-issue of De Colve wants to show you some of the activities, that deal with water, of Kolffs.

  Julius Kolff, a new member of the board, introduces himself.

I am the son of Kees and Nan Kolff-Graffelman. I was born in May, 1973. I work for KLM as a co-pilot on a 767 plane. I am also an instructor. Since four years I live in Amsterdam with my girlfriend Marieke. We know each other for six years now. We intend to get married in November of this year. As a hobby I am fond of playing - men are like children! - with radiographically steered model cars. I hope to contribute to the association as a member of the board and want to involve myself in the organisation of the Family Days - days that I would like to see enjoyable for the young and the older members.

From the Editors
'The family and our rivers' was an article by Dirk Kolff, archivist of the association, published in De Colve VII. This article gave us the idea to use a theme for this issue of De Colve: water. So many Kolffs are in one way or another involved with water. However, we have our limits. There is so much to write about water. We limited ourselves here to some articles by family members. Apart from the theme 'water' this issue of De Colve the usual and not so usual articles on items that have to do with our family.
From Kolf to Golf
Golf is becoming one of the more popular sports in the Netherlands. Funny because it means a return of an ancient Dutch tradition: the game of kolf, slightly similar to golf, was played here in the early mediaeval times. To commemorate the murder of Floris V, Count of Holland, a year earlier a special kolf-game was held over Christmas in 1297 at Castle Kronenburg in Loenen aan de Vecht. Two teams, each with four members, had to push a ball, using sticks, over a distance of four kilometres to a goal in the shape of a pole. Winner was the team that did this in the least possible number of strikes. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Golf has nearly replaced kolff in The Netherlands, but not totally: there are still 17 kolf-courts where active kolf-sporting associations are competing.