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Articles from De Colve X - 2005: Kenya and Sri Lanka (1/2)

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john w. kolff Bad luck! For the second time during my stay here down with the flue: a result of the continuous temperature changes from 35 degrees Celsius outdoors to almost freezing temperatures caused by the use of air-conditioning. I have to use all my skills to persuade all the kind people that I do not appreciate air-conditioning all the time.

I am at Sri-Lanka on two assignments for the Netherlands Red Cross: to co-ordinate the emergency aid for relief of the damages caused by the recent tsunami, and to identify activities for the Netherlands Red Cross in the second phase after the tsunami: rehabilitation. Less than a month ago I was in China facilitating a workshop and other activities for the Red Cross when I got a phone call requesting me to travel to Sri-Lanka at shortest notice. This is my life: always packing and unpacking, it seems nothing is predictable.

But not all: I am often at my home in Nairobi, Kenya, where my daughter of now nine years old needs my presence and support. Support like helping her with homework from school, the Dutch school in Nairobi, something that is difficult for her mother, my Kenyan partner. It is often difficult to assess where I am needed most: in Kenya or for the Netherlands Red Cross.