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Article taken from De Colve XI - 2006: 'Rocking' Down Under (2/2)

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'Rocking' Down Under - by Lennard A. Kolff van Oosterwijk (CCA XIXy)

After two years in Parkes I decided that it was time to expand my horizons and move with Melissa to Hobart, Tasmania to do a Masters degree in Geology. We spent one and a half wonderful years in Hobart after which I got my Masters degree and we got engaged. I also thought it was about time to get Melissa over to NL to introduce her to the Kolff van Oosterwijk clan. We put stickers all over the apartment with Dutch translations of everyday objects, complete with phonetic translations. Kopje koffie always stands out as a memorable sticker and Mel can still rattle off a list of highly useful Dutch words. Met Kerst 2003 we went to NL and Mum and Pap (Edith & Leo KvO) organised a meet Mel party at home in Den Ham. This was a hit and everybody loved my girlfriend from Down-Under. Soon after our return we got engaged and set a date for our wedding.

Lennard WeddingOn the 8th January 2005 we were married in Guyra, NSW. There were 80 people at the ceremony and reception. All my direct family were there as well as Ronald, Joyce en Marenne de Ruuk and lots of friends from all over the world. All the KvO family ended up staying under the Williamson roof for a week or so before the wedding, helping with final preparations. My sisters, Barbara and Gwen, had rented camper vans to do some touring around the state with their families. Both vans were parked in the Williamson's back garden alongside the dog kennels and plugged into the shed for electricity! They had to endure hot days and freezing cold nights whilst sleeping in their camper vans. The wedding day went fantastically and by 8pm everyone was dancing and drinking in the marquee to keep warm. I remember I was wearing Opa Ale's Hertel cufflinks that Oma gave to me when we were in Holland. And we used Opa van Kempen's cavalry sword to chop the wedding cake.

After our honeymoon it was back to the real world of work. I accepted a permanent role as an Exploration Geologist at the mine site and we bought a house in Parkes. The last few months we have been renovating the house and enjoying our first year of marriage. Extreme domesticity has been quite a change from my previous lifestyle and a welcome one. However, we both miss the adventure of travel, which brings me to the last part of my story.

Being closer to Asia and within the same time zone we decided it would was a good opportunity to see Barbara and her family in Hong Kong. As luck would have it Oma KvO was also planning a trip to her over klein kinderen so we made sure that our travel dates coincided.

In October 2005 Melissa and I made our way to Hong Kong and were greeted by Barbara and her family as well as Oma KvO and Joyce de Ruuk at the airport. I was so happy to see my family and especially Oma whom I had not seen since December 2003! It was a memorable reunion in the Orient and good to see Oma fighting fit and walking strongly. I remember Melissa saying how impressed she was that Oma walked everywhere that we did and ate everything that we did! We even took Oma to the late night party strip of Hong Kong and all ate a huge Häagen Dazs ice cream each. It was sad to say good-bye to family when we returned home but the memories are strong and I can't wait to see my family again soon.

Now we are back in Parkes and we are already planning our next adventure to Holland for Nina de Ruuk's wedding in June 2006 and a visit to Mum and Pap KvO's mansion in Turkey. This brings me to the end of my story and how a passion for rocks can so change your life. What are our plans? I don't know, we will have to see where life takes us next!

Lennard A. Kolff van Oosterwijk