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Article taken from De Colve XIII - 2008: The House Nimmerdor (2/2)

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A personal note...
From the preceeding it appears that us Kolffs: Grandfather, my Father and me, are the longest residents of 'Nimmerdor'.
When my grandparents came there, my aunt Tilly (1899-1970) was twelve years old. She amd my father, who was then one year old, were both born at Amsterdam in the Vondelstraat. My grandfather was a broker in shares in that city.
World War I did not affect 'Nimmerdor' much, just some inconveniences: Grandfather "had to leave at 6 a.m. to be on time in Amsterdam!"

Nimmerdor, AmersfoortIn World War II the history of 'Nimmerdor' was more tempestious. On May 10, 1940, 'the big house' (the old name for Nimmerdor) was confiscated by the Germans. When they left, after a week, the house was ran down and stripped empty... Grandmother and aunt Tilly lived in one of the gardeners cottages. We, my father Dick, mother Charlotte, and me, first lived in a street and later also in one of the gardeners cottages on the estate. Many times we got military quartered.In the beginning of 1945 Nimmerdor suffered most: led by Germans Dutchmen came to dig anti-tank ditches, many pines were cut. Many trees were also destroyed because their tops got hit by missiles, some of which we still find.
On April 24, 1945, the big house was almost completely destroyed by British bombs: "wrong information"!
It has cost my father ten years to get permission from the municipality of Amersfoort to clear up the ruins! In 1975 he built the present big house; to rebuild it in its former style appeared impossible.
This is the history of 'Nimmerdor', this place - for the present residents, our family Nix-Kolff - so dear in our hearts.

Bertie (G.W.) Nix- Kolff,