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De Colve 2013
From its first issue in 1996 one or more articles from De Colve have been placed at this website, often containing additional information. From the 2009 issue you will still find such articles but also a digital version of De Colve in Adobe Reader format. From 2014 only the digital version (Adobe Reader) is available for download.
De Colve I   1996   Cousin Willy tells us about past years
De Colve II   1997   A Monumental Villa: 'Duin en Dennen' at Wassenaar
De Colve III   1998   Interviewing Ale Kolff van Oosterwijk
De Colve IV   1999   A Paper by Cornelius G. Kolff of Staten Island
De Colve V   2000   Kolf - Colf - Golf
De Colve VI   2001   Family Tombs at Hillegersberg (Rotterdam)
De Colve VII   2002   The Lord of the Rings
De Colve VIII   2003   Summary of Main Articles
De Colve IX   2004   Summary of Main Articles
De Colve X   2005   John Wouter Kolff writes about his experiences in Sri Lanka and Kenya
De Colve XI   2006   Summary of Main Articles;
'Rocking Down Under'
De Colve XII   2007   Summary of Main Articles;
Introduction by the Chairman;
Kolffs at Naarden
De Colve XIII   2008   Summary of Main Articles;
The House 'Nimmerdor' at Amersfoort
From the 2009 issue articles have been published at this website, but also digital versions can be downloaded.
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De Colve XIV   2009   Summary of Main Articles;
A Distant Cousin in the Distant South;
Japan, the Second Time Around
        De Colve XIV digital
De Colve XV   2010   Summary of Main Articles, including one in full: Little Notes;
Branch Van Santen Kolff dies out;
Differently Remembered, Told On, or Happened
        De Colve XV digital
De Colve XVI   2011   Cor 'Vlieg' - Cornelis Kolff (1897-1968); Branch B dies out;
The Story of a Painting
        De Colve XVI digital
De Colve XVII   2012   Elie van Rijckevorsel and Jacoba Kolff; Kolff Family and the art of portraits; Biography Dirk Hendrik Kolff
        De Colve XVII digital
De Colve XVIII   2013   Quarrel about a party, Rev. Lambertus Kolff; Wartime Amstelveen; 15 Mayors Kolff
        De Colve XVIII digital
From 2014 no articles from De Colve are published at this site. Full versions of De Colve can be downloaded (Adobe Reader) from here, choose below.
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