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Cornelis Kolff   Maria van Oosterwijk
Gualtherus Kolff   Alida Vosmaer
Family group Kolff - Van Santen Kolff
Barthold Suermondt   Catherina Quirina Kolff
link naar staak Xc. Cornelis Kolff (De Colve III) (History) (15 Mayors) (Coat of Arms), born Maassluis 3 Aug. 1685, notary public at The Hague 1704-1710, at Middelharnis 1710-1741, secretary 1710-dec., and bailiff 1713-[1740] there, mayor of Maassluis 1746-1747, deceased there 23 Dec. 1759, married 1st Maassluis 18 June 1710 Catharina van Oosterwijk, baptized Maassluis 15 Jan. 1681, deceased Middelharnis 20 Dec. 1738, dr. Lambertus and Maria van der Meer, married 2nd IJsselstein 28 Oct. 1739 Sara Post, baptized Willemstad 2 Apr. 1679, buried Maassluis 21 Apr. 1770, daughter of Willem and Rachel Vay and wid. of 1st Casparus van Ameyde and 2nd Joseph de Lussanet.
From the first marriage:
link naar staak 1. Gualtherus, follows XIc.
link naar staak 2. Maria Kolff, born Middelharnis 14 May 1714, deceased there 6 June 1714.

link naar staak XIc. Gualtherus Kolff (History), born Middelharnis 1 Apr. 1711, notary public 1729-1739, subst.-secretary 1729-1739 and bailiff 1731-(1739) of Dirksland, notary public 1740-1775, subst.-secretary 1739-1759, secretary 1759-dec. and bailiff 1740-dec. of Middelharnis, deceased Schiedam 16 (buried Rotterdam 21) Dec. 1789, married Rotterdam 7 Sept. 1735 Alida Vosmaer, born Rotterdam 9 Sept. 1712, deceased there 27 June 1789, dr. of Jacob and Quirine van der Elst.
From this marriage:
link naar staak 1. Catharina Kolff, born Dirksland 21 June 1736, deceased Middelharnis 26 Sept. 1741.
link naar staak 2. Mr. Jacob van Santen, Heer van (Lord of) Middelharnis (change of name [see in blue, below] Kolff to Van Santen Kolff, act of notary public at The Hague, reg. by public notary L. Bijland, 30 Dec. 1744) (De Colve XV), born Dirksland 12 June 1738, j.u.d. Leiden 1761, member of the town council 1767- and magistrate 1768 at Schiedam, deceased The Hague 10 July 1768, married The Hague 29 March 1768 Susanna Elisabeth Vosmaer, born The Hague 1 March 1748, deceased there 19 May 1823, daughter of Jacob and Louisa Mosburger; she remarried The Hague 9 Nov. 1783 Jacob Dirk Heyns (see for continuation name Van Santen Kolff: Jacob van Santen Kolff, son of Cornelis, see 4. below).
link naar staak 3. Sara Cornelia Kolff, born Middelharnis 11 Oct. 1740, deceased Rotterdam 5 May 1802, married Middelharnis 8 Dec. 1760 Dr. Iman Jacob van den Bosch, born Tholen 6 Feb. 1731, med.dr. Leiden 1757, gen. practicioner at Sommelsdijk, at The Hague, writer on medical subjects, deceased The Hague 27 May 1788, son of Cornelis and Barbara 't Hooft.
link naar staak 4. Cornelis, follows XIIe (Branch CA).
link naar staak 5. Adrianus Quirinus, follows XIIf (Branch CB).
link naar staak 6. Lambertus Kolff, born Middelharnis 29 Dec. 1747, deceased there 13 Feb. 1748.
link naar staak 7. Lambertus, follows XIIg (Branch CC).
link naar staak 8. Elisa, follows XIIh (Branch CD).
link naar staak 9. Catharina Quirina Kolff, baptized Middelharnis 22 Jan. 1755, Rotterdam 18 Dec. 1817, (deceased ?), married Rotterdam 18 Aug. 1776 Barthold Suermondt, born Rotterdam 30 July 1743, trader of sea merchandise, magistrate 1787, 1788, master of the lepra houses 1788-1794, captain citizen soldiery 1787-1793 at Rotterdam, deceased there 12 March 1825, son of Evert and Helena Boel.

Change of name from Kolff to Van Santen Kolff: Jacob became universal heir of Jacob van Santen, Heer van (Lord of) Middelharnis, on the condition that he would take his name and coat of arms. (see also De Colve XV).

left at top: Cornelis Kolff and Maria van Oosterwijk;
below that: Gualtherus Kolff and Alida Vosmaer;
middle: Family Group Kolff (F. Radermaker, 1757):
persons pictured from left to right Gualtherus (XIc) and his sons Jacob (van Santen) and Cornelis;
left here: Barthold Suermondt and Catherina Quirina Kolff.