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(extinct after 1961)

link naar staak XIIIe. Gualtherus Kolff (De Colve 4), born Middelharnis 26 March 1771, merchant and commissionair at Rotterdam, deceased Liverpool 31 Jan. 1836, married Rotterdam 24 May 1797 Hendrica van der Eb, born Rotterdam 19 Dec. 1773, deceased there 9 Dec. 1807, daughter of Cornelis and Johanna Smi(d)ts.
From this marriage:
link naar staak 1. Hendrika Adriana Kolff, born Rotterdam 28 Feb. 1798, deceased there 3 Feb. 1841, married Rotterdam 28 July 1824 Jacob Mees (R.N.L.), born Rotterdam 1 Nov. 1790, fellow founder of Mees, Boer & Moens, after 1847 Mees & Moens, shipping company, trading in colonial products and in Peru-guano, vice-president Chamber of Commerce and Industry 1838-1851, member Prov. Staten of Zuid-Holland 1842-dec., member municipal council van Rotterdam 1847-overl., deceased there 28 Oct. 1854, son of Jan Rudolf and Maria de Prill and wedr. van Anna van Baalen.
link naar staak 2. Johannes, follows XIVh.
link naar staak 3. Adrianus Quirinus Kolff, born Rotterdam 13 Feb. 1801, deceased Liverpool 14 May 1823.
link naar staak 4. Johanna Anna Elisabeth Kolff, born Rotterdam 2 Nov. 1802, deceased there 7 Dec. 1802.

link naar staak XIVh. Johannes Kolff, born Rotterdam 25 Aug. 1799, civil servant (1826), broker (1832), deceased Rotterdam 25 Jan. 1868, married 1st Leiden 18 Oct. 1826 Constantia van Lelyveld, born Alkmaar 19 July 1800, deceased The Hague 11 Apr. 1829, daughter of Pieter and Cypriana Anna Margaretha van Royen, married 2nd Haarlem 27 Apr. 1832 Christine Hermine Hacke, born Heilo 24 Feb. 1809, deceased The Hague 13 juni1877, daughter of Ds. Coenraad and Niesje van der Elst.
From the first marriage:
link naar staak 1. Anna Margaretha Petronella Kolff, born The Hague 10 Aug. 1827, deceased Leiden 23 Apr. 1882, married Rotterdam 31 Oct. 1849 Jan Scheltema, born Leiden 30 Oct. 1824, maufacturer of cloths, member municipal council van Leiden, commander of the battery, deceased Zandhorst, Noordwijkerhout 1 Apr. 1891, son of Jacobus and Henriëtte Willemine Jannette Walen.
link naar staak 2. Henriette Gualthère Constance Kolff, born The Hague 31 March 1829, deceased Delft 30 Apr. 1885.
From the second marriage:
link naar staak 3. Hermine Agnes Kolff, born Rotterdam 25 Jan. 1833, deceased 's-Hertogenbosch 28 Oct. 1870, married Rotterdam 4 June 1857 Dr. Hendrik Pierson (C.N.L., C.O.N.), born Amsterdam 10 June 1834, theol.dr.h.c. Groningen 1914, hervormd predikant at Heinenoord 1857-1869, at 's-Hertogenbosch 1869-1877, president-director Heldringgestichten at Zetten 1877-1914, deceased Groningen 7 Aug. 1923, son of Jan Lodewijk Gregory and Ida Oyens; hij remarried Amsterdam 1 Aug. 1872 Petronella Adriana Oyens.
link naar staak 4. Gualtherus Adrianus Quirinus Kolff, born Rotterdam 2 March 1834, deceased there 13 Feb. 1842.
link naar staak 5. Henriette Jeannette Christine Kolff (History), born Rotterdam 8 July 1835, philantropist, founder and vice-president Ver. Kolff's Blindenfonds, deceased The Hague 1 May 1927.
link naar staak 6. Conrad Mauritz Frederik, follows XVi.
link naar staak 7. Adriana Jacoba Kolff, born Rotterdam 17 Dec. 1837, deceased there 5 Feb. 1841.
link naar staak 8. Marie Henri Kolff, born Rotterdam 1 July 1839, koopman at Batavia, deceased Rippoldau (Baden) 24 July 1889, married Modjokerto (Pekalongan) 12 Apr. 1865 Maria Suzanna Francisca von Oven, born Soerabaja 25 May 1847, deceased Nice (France) 19 Oct. 1932, daughter of Wilhelm Heinrich and Maria Elisabeth van Teijlingen; she remarried Brussels 26 Sept. 1893 Jules Marie de Moerloose.

Family Group Von Oven-van Teijlingen, approx. 1870
Click on the image to see the original
Part of group picture, taken around 1870, Von Oven-van Teijlingen, left to right:
H. de Geer and Josephine von Oven, Marie Henri Kolff and Maria Suzanna Francisca von Oven, the parent couple Wilhelm Heinrich von Oven and Maria Elisabeth van Teijlingen, J. van Haeften and C. von Oven, G. Eschauzier and E. von Oven (plus two children Von Oven and one child Van Haeften)
Gualtherus Johannes Kolff
Gualtherus Johannes Kolff
link naar staak 9. Hendrika Adriana Kolff, born Rotterdam 7 Oct. 1842, deceased The Hague 12 Dec. 1927, married Rotterdam 20 Nov. 1868 Eugen Carl von Vietsch, born Düsseldorf (Rheinland) 20 Oct. 1828, ritmeester Pruis. Uhlanen, deceased Düsseldorf 16 Nov. 1889, son of Eugen August Carl and Auguste Freiin von Plettenberg.
link naar staak 10. Gualtherus Adrianus Kolff, born Rotterdam 17 July 1844, deceased there 17 Nov. 1844.
link naar staak 11. Gualtherus Johannes Kolff (R.O.N.) (History), born Rotterdam 31 Jan. 1846, founder and director Ned. Blindenbibliotheek (Neth. Library for the Blind), deceased The Hague 14 Oct. 1918.
link naar staak 12. Annette Marguerite Kolff, born Rotterdam 11 July 1847, deceased h. Nieuw-Eikenduinen, Loosduinen 19 June 1888, married The Hague 9 Sept. 1875, Mr. Anne Marie Maas Geesteranus, born Delft 25 Feb. 1836, jur.dr.Leiden 1858, burgemeester van Hillegom 1861-1864, van Hillegersberg 1865-1869, hoofdredacteur Het Vaderland 1869-1872, redacteur 1872-1882 and directeur 1882-1899 Nederlandsche Staatscourant, deceased The Hague 27 May 1899, son of Cornelis and Jacoba Soek and wid. of Johanna Maria de Wetstein Pfister.
link naar staak 13. Christine Hermine Kolff, born Rotterdam 31 Jan. 1849, deceased there 3 Apr. 1850.
link naar staak 14. Christine Hermine Kolff, born Rotterdam 17 May 1850, overl The Hague 18 Dec. 1921, married The Hague 31 Jan. 1879 Paul Adrien Huet, born Amsterdam 10 March 1839, procuratiehouder 1866-1872 bierbrouwerij Heineken & Co, Amsterdam, directeur Amersfoortsche Beijersch-Bierbrouwerij, deceased The Hague 14 Aug. 1919, son of Dr. Pierre Josué Louis and Geertruida Paulina Aletta Ledeboer.

link naar staak XVi. Conrad Mauritz Frederik Kolff (R.N.L.), born Rotterdam 30 Sept. 1836, member Kolff & Witkamp, traders in coffee, tea, and colonial wares, deceased Rotterdam 3 Nov. 1918, married Rotterdam 12 Nov. 1862 Emmerentia Johanna van Stolk, born Rotterdam 19 Sept. 1843, deceased there 7 Jan. 1928, daughter of Abraham and Catharina Elisabeth Mees.
From this marriage:
link naar staak 1. Christine Hermine Kolff, born Rotterdam 11 Jan. 1864, deceased there 20 Jan. 1864.
link naar staak 2. Catharina Elizabeth Kolff, born Rotterdam 19 May 1866, deceased The Hague 11 Feb. 1958, married Rotterdam 5 May 1887 Jean Adrien van Oosterzee (R.O.N.), born Rotterdam 21 June 1863, member firma Van Oosterzee & Co., makelaars in assurantiën, directeur Ned. Transportverz. Mij., member firma Van Oosterzee & Pit, deceased Rotterdam 28 Apr. 1911, son of Nicolaas and Sophia Milders.
link naar staak 3. Johannes, follows XVIj.
link naar staak 4. Abraham Kolff (1st Heerendiner), born Rotterdam 11 Oct. 1870, member firma Kolff & Witkamp, deceased Amsterdam 16 Feb. 1941, married Bremen 12 July 1932 Elly Annelise Anthony, born Bremen 2 Apr. 1899, deceased Zoetermeer 10 March 1986, dr. van Friederich-Wilhelm Henry and Wilhelmine Sophie Elisabeth Hollmann.

link naar staak XVIj. Johannes Kolff (De Colve I) (1st Heerendiner), born Rotterdam 11 Oct. 1870, trader in coffee, member Kolff & Witkamp, deceased Rotterdam 9 Oct. 1961, married Rotterdam 20 Sept. 1901 Jeannette Christine Kolff (see CBCF XIVp.6) (Board 1926-1933).
From this marriage:
link naar staak Emmerentia Johanna Sara Kolff (Biographies), born Rotterdam 9 Feb. 1903, deceased Utrecht 30 May 1940, married Deil 6 Nov. 1935 Mr. Willem Marinus Kolff (see AC XVIc).

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