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Genealogy: How to Visit the Genealogy

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Twice the Genealogy

1. Genealogy: Extensive
The Extensive Genealogy is the basis;
the below Overview has been added to help find the position of a family member within the Genealogy.
The Extensive Genealogy can be found in the Menu under:
Genealogy Extensive; from there pick a Branch or sub-Branch.

2. Genealogy: Overview
The Overview can be opened from the Menu under: Genealogy Overview.
The Overview has been placed to facilitate the viewing of connections within the Genealogy.

link naar staak This blue image appears before each member of the family. Click on it to switch between 1. and 2.
Surf the Extended Genealogy

Here as an example Johannes and his son Pieter.

Up in the Genealogy (to parents):
link naar staak  XVI. Johannes:
click on the link 'Johannes' and you will go UP one Generation
(to Johannes' father and mother);
this way you can surf back to the first known Kolff (Henric Colve).

Down in the Genealogy (to children):
With the children of Johannes you will see:
link naar staak  1. Pieter, follows XVII.
the bold follows XVII is a ’link’
follow it and you will go to the next generation.

Pieter, here, is the next generation.

You will go to more about Pieter, his wife and their children, etc.
From the children of Pieter you can go down to the next Generation by choosing ’follows [XX = generation]’.

Now first read (at right) how you can surf within the Genealogy.
After that you can use the instructions, below, if you don't know where to start.
How to Start?
If you don't know where to start:
use Search within the Genealogy as a starting point.

You could - for instance - begin to search on the name of your mother or father (don't use Kolff) and you will come to a page where you can start.

Surf more within the Kolff Family and Genealogy
Other relations and connections within the Kolff Family exist (e.g. Kolff marries Kolff). They are linked within the Genealogy.

From Genealogy there are also links to other pages at this site, such as to Biographies, De Colve, History, Board, and more.