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* = died very young - & = married to - & (r) = partnered with - (X) = divorced - (ad) = adopted
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    link Cornelis Geertruyus
(1831 Rotterdam - 1909 New York)
& Mary A. Fielder
and their children:
    XV     XVI        
    link 1. Cornelis Geertrudus
(1860 New York - 1950 New York)
& Emilie P. Kochen
  link 1. Cornelis Geertrudus
(1885 Staten Paul, Minn. USA, - 1941 New York)
          link 2. Olga-Maria Hermina Emerentia
(1890 Staten Paul, Minn., USA - 1975 Wentorf, Hamburg)
& William H. Breymann
  follows (to be included in the Kolff Genealogy - Jan. 2007 - we are working on this): one of the sons of Olga-Maria:
Cornelius Breymann-Kolff
and his children (Switzerland)
          link 3. Emily Louise
(1892 Des Moines, USA - 1982 Oakland, Cal., USA)
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