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Generations I - VI

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Research showed that earlier records of the Kolff Genealogy have not been fully correct. In 2015 the General Assembly of the Kolff Family Association decided to adjust the Genealogy to the currently known facts regarding the earliest generations. The Family decided not to change the numbers of the generations so they remain unchanged but this leads to the information of 'N.N.' with generation I.

link I. Wouter, born approx. 1400
1. Aernt Woutersz. follows II.

link II. Aernt Woutersz., born approx. 1425, deceased before 1504; owned property in Gorinchem.
His childeren:
1. Wouter Aerntsz., follows III.
2. Cornelis Aerntsz., listed at Gorinchem in 1504.

link III. Wouter Aerntsz., born approx. 1450, listed in Gorinchem (1504-1509), owned property in Gorinchemd (and a tavern?),
and was most likely the father of:
- Wouter Woutersz. Colff, follows IV.

link IV. Wouter Woutersz. Colff, born approx. 1475, listed in Gorinchem 1500-1517, 1532 and Oisterwijk 1517-1525, possibly owner of a tavern with a mall (kolfbaan) at (or just outside of) Gorinchem and later skipper, member town council (vroedschap) Oisterwijk, deceased 1532/1535. Married (1) before 1505 Sofia (Fyken) Jansdr. and (2) before 1511 Hadewig (Heesken) van den Eynde, deceased Jan. 1541, dr van Aert Petersz. van den Eynde en Aleyt Aertsdr Appels (Houtappel?) [note 1], and widow of Daniël Cornelisz. van der Goes; after the death of Wouter Woutersz. she re-married Cornelis Bartholomeusz.
From the second marriage:
- Wouter Woutersz. Colff, follows V.

link V. Wouter Woutersz. Colff, born before 1511, listed from 1535, farmer and lakenverver at Oisterwijk, owned property at Oisterwijk, mayor 1549-1550, 1561-1565, schepen (1558), 1561-1565, 1565-1566 and heilige-geestmeester 1556-1571, all at Oisterwijk, deceased before end 1572. Married before 1547 Elisabeth Willemsdr Colen, deceased after 27 March 1548, dr. of Willem Laureynsz. and Jenneken (Johanna) Hendriksdr de Wildt.
From this marriage:
- Wouter Kolff, follows VI.

link VI. Wouter Kolff, born approx. 1540?, listed 19 July 1574 through 24 March 1586 at Oisterwijk, procureur, gevolmachtigde 'Vrijheid' van Oisterwijk, involved in army matters, had to flee to Geertruidenberg, finally also gate keeper in Geertruidenberg 1589, deceased 1590. Married approx. 1578 Anneken Adriaensdr Pap [noot 2], dr. of Adriaen Cornelisz. Pap, pachter van accijnzen en koopman in riviervis te Geertruidenberg en A(dria)entgen Jacob Hubrechtsdr, pachteres van het weggeld en koopvrouw aldaar, deceased 1591/1595.
From this marriage:
- Wouter (Wolter) Woutersz. Kolff, follows VII

Noot 1: De families Van de Eynde en (Hout)appel waren zeer welgesteld en invloedrijk in de 'Vrijheid' van Oisterwijk.
Noot 2: De families Pap en Langemaet waren waarschijnlijk lidmaten van de 'gereformeerde' kerk in Geertruidenberg. Vanaf nu was de familie 'gereformeerd'.
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