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History: Persons: Overview

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History: Persons: is about the living history of the Kolffs. Chapters at this section are not only about the past, but also reflect the present
Dirk Hendrik Kolff
Dirk Hendrik Kolff (B XVIIIn)
HM Koninging Wilhelmina bezoekt stellingen met Johannes Marius Kolff
Biographies 1939-1950,
Johannes Marius Kolff (CBCD XVIv) receives H.M. Queen Wilhelmina
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  Dirk Hendrik Kolff (B XVIId):
different memories of an exciting escape
  Dirk Hendrik Kolff (B XVIIIn):
a servant to the gouvernment
  Twice Louis Charles Kolff (B XVf en B XVIf):
mayors of Wieringen
  Henriette Jeannette and Gualtherus Johannes Kolff (CBA XIVh5 en CBA XIVh11):
founders of the Netherlands Library for the Blind
  Prof.dr. Willem Johan Kolff (CBB XVIIh):
honoured medic, inventor of the artificial kidney and other instruments
  Kolff in New Zealand:
Kees and Tora (CCB and their descendants)
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  15 Mayors Kolff
With the appointment of Wouter Kolff (CBCB XVIIIp4) we counted 15 Kolffs that have been Mayor (or Burgomaster, Maire, and similar); here is an overview of the 15 Kolffs
  Rotterdam Nicknames
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  Biographies 1939-1950
What happened to Family members, mobilized for war, actvie in restistance or active as volunteers
  The Deil Branch Biographies