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kolff family coat of arms

Lieutenant Commander Dirk Hendrik Kolff (1761-1835)

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Texel 1666   Texel Kaart 1666 (Texel Map 1666), P. Goos,
De Texel Stroom met de gaten vant Marsdiep
(The Texel stream with the passages of the Mars Diep) .

Ref.: Koeman IV, Goos1B (8).
From: De Zee-Atlas, Ofte Water-Weereld, Waer in vertoont werden alle de Zee-Kusten Van het bekende des Aerd-Bodems. P. Goos, 1666 (Koeman, Goos1B).

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Kermis in Den Haag  

From (collection): Museum De Gevangenpoort, Hendrik Pothoven
The Hague Fair was organized from the 14th Century. From 1581 this 'free market' was located near the Gevangenpoort at Buitenhof, Lange Vijverberg and Lange Voorhout. All strata of The Hague population visited this Fair.
In 1887 the Fair was abolished by the church. According to the church the Fair could be described as a heathen festival that contained 'nothing but fierce shouting and wild encounters, that were a shame on a country that calls itself Christian’.
Beginning of the 20th century the Fair was re-introduced in The Hague.

Painting by Hendrik Pothoven (1726-1807). View in the direction of the Gevangenpoort. At a stall at the front of the Hofvijver we see the Stadtholder Prince Willem V and his family, who always visited the Fair.

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Kaart met Oldenburg begin 19e eeuw  

On both maps:
Source: Atlassen en Kaarten verzamelen
(collecting Atlasses and Maps)
- www. atlassen.info
M. Witkam

Hérisson, Atlas Portatif (1806)
14. La République Batave

Hérisson, Atlas Portatif (1806)
25. L'Allemagne 1er feuille (here, at left, shown again)

From: Hérisson, Atlas Portatif, Desray, Paris, 1806

These maps are on the page with Hérisson's maps at the above mentioned website.

Of the map at this page an enlargement is available.

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