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Chapters 1-5 follow the Kolffs along the rivers in the Netherlands from East to West. Each page has a link to the next (and back), start here if you want to travel with the Kolffs along the rivers, over time (16th - 20th century). The chapters have been taken from articles in De Colve; they were contributed by Dirk Kolff, archivist of the association (CBCA XVIIIn). Translations to English by Marius Kolff, chairman, webmaster (CBCD XVIIw4).

Apart from 1-5 there are some interesting chapters, which have not been numbered, because they don't quite follow the historical route along the rivers: pages are equally interesting for the history of the Kolff Family.

De Drie Colven 1. The Family and our Rivers
    The Kolffs are people from the rivers.
2. Three skippers on the River Waal
    How Kolffs earned their daily bread
3. From Gelre to Holland
    Kolffs and their geographical move to Holland.
4. The Youngest Branch at Middelharnis (1)
    "Things one finds to do" (part 1)
5. The Youngest Branch at Middelharnis (2)
    "Things one finds to do" (part 2)
    Overste J.M. Kolffstraat at Kesteren    NEW
    October 15, 2014, the streetsign Overste J.M. Kolffstraat was revealed at Kesteren
    The Story of a Painting
    Helvetia's at the Willemsplein quay at Rotterdam by August W. van Voorden
    The House: 'De Drie Colven'
    Residence of Wolter Kolff and Maria van Heteren at Nijmegen  
De Drie Colven, Nijmegen  
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