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From Gelre to Holland (1/3)

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'Identity' has become a magical word in the past years. For those who are a member of our association, or who are fascinated by history, it has always been clear: we belong to this family, it has something to do with whom we are; it is a part, probably only a small part, of our identity. But then again, who are we? Hollanders, one could say, or at least spread out of Holland over other provinces in our country (the Netherlands) and even beyond. This question how we became Hollanders has been discussed before: "Kolffs are people from the rivers" was the answer. But how did we become Hollanders?

Wouter Kolff (1644-1705) and Petronella van Duren (1644-1712) married in the church of Beuningen, close to Nijmegen, in the summer of 1671. They were children from Nijmegen, baptized there only fourteen days after one another. Maybe they already knew one another from school, or had played as young children along the quays of Nijmegen. I think they were a good match...

Wolter Kolff Petronella van Duyren
Rev. Wouter Kolff Petronella van Du(y)ren