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The Youngest Branch at Middelharnis (part 1: 4/4)

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Over and over members of the Kolff family were involved with initiatives of the department of the Nut van het Algemeen. With the courses on drawings for building engineering, which were offered from 1853 until 1862, when the municipality of Sommelsdijk unfortunately stopped subsidizing them. Post of ANWB about Kolff MiddelharnisAlso at the founding in 1902 and the board of the new technical school at Middelharnis and in 1905 in the singing-school for children. Of more importance for the family were the repeated attempts to found a savings bank. Lambertus Kolff van Oosterwijk (CCA XIIIh) (1779-1836), son of Lambertus, became bookkeeper when in 1818 the first savings bank was erected, and the already mentioned son of Adrianus Quirinus, Cornelis, was appointed treasurer in 1825. Shortly after the latters' death in 1830, when his son succeeded him, this enterprise of the Nut van het Algemeen went bankrupt, caused by financial insecurities due to the Belgian Revolt.

Inserted in the Gedenkschrift (Memoir) of the Nut van het Algemeen is: "The savings bank has been murdered by the Belgians." The members of the department raised and funded the shortage of 500 guilders.
When in 1849 the Nut van het Algemeen decided to raise a new savings bank the already mentioned Gualtherus Constantinus Marius (CBB XIVi, 1819-1890) became one of the deputy directors. As mentioned in 1985 'Young Cor' became treasurer and accountant of this bank and soon followed a period of great prosperity. De facto this savings bank, at least the part of the treasury, soon became part of the conglomerate of the Firma Wed. C. Kolff, the old company of Adrianus Quirinus (CB XIIf) (1745-1826). With an account on this versatile enterprise I hope to continue in Part 2 of this article.

Dirk Kolff, archivist
(translation by Marius Kolff)

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Image: ANWB (Neth. Cyclists [read: Motorists] Association) sign at the house in the Voorstraat mentioning: Great 18th century residence of the prominent Kolff family, ship owners and wine merchants (etc.).
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