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De Drie Colven
De Drie Colven, Nijmegen
The Residence of Wolter Kolff at Nijmegen

In 1641 Wolter Kolff (Gen. VII) and his family still lived at Korte Nieuwstraat at Nijmegen. This house belonged to the estate of the former Broederenklooster which was taken care of by the bailiff of the spiritual goods of the 'tweede rentambt'. It seems that Wolter Kolff ended this rent after his mother died in December 1649 to move into the house 'De Drie Colven' at the Steenstraat.

This house is often confused with the house across the street, known as the 'Besiendershuis', which owes its name to the 'besiender' who would have lived here. The besiender was some sort of superintendant of the river Waal, who had to collect the tolls from passing ships. In reality it appears that a besiender never lived in this double residence. The panorama of the river Waal from this house only became a fact after two buildings at the Waal quayside were destroyed, end 1944 or beginning 1945.

The house survived the long and at times tough history of Nijmegen without any serious damage. In 1942 the house underwent an extensive restoration. It is now a Rijksmonument (State Monument, see also at the links below).

Two articles in De Gelderlander about Kolff and this house:
1. An article about this house and the Kolff Family was published in De Gelderlander on September 22, 2010; read this 2010 article.
2. Our Family Day 2018 was held at Nijmegen and at this house. De Gelderlander also published an article with a great picture of all Kolff's in front of the house; go to the article on the Family Day 2018 at the house De Drie Colven.

Very much to our surprise, not to mention delight, a replica of the house De Drie Colven can now be seen in the Dutch miniature town of Madurodam. This happened during a visit of over 50 family members to this miniature town in The Hague. More information on this can be found at the Welcome Page. You can also open a pop-up here to see images of the house and some related pictures.

De Drie Colven Madurodam
De Drie Colven, Madurodam
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