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History: De Colve Articles Specified

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History is about the history of the Kolffs, present and past.
De Colve Magazine
Item, incl. Kolff's Abroad Found in De Colve Names of Family Members, or other referral Names
Africa (i.e. Kenya) X John W. Kolff
Archive of the Family IX -
Asia (Japan, Hong Kong) XIV Barbara Kolff van Oosterwijk
Australia XI Lennard Kolff van Oosterwijk
Neth. East Indies - Indonesia IX Kolff Fund
Golf, also game of Kolf V, VIII (see also: news: on kolf lustrum)
France XIV Oscar Endtz
Houses, Estates I, II, XII, XIII Duin en Dennen, Klein Rubroeck, Nimmerdor
Middelharnis (town) III, IV, XII (a lot more on Middelharnis in Geography)
Nicknames I Willy Kolff-Vernes (and here [new screen NL section])
Rivers of the Netherlands VIII See this section Geography for all of this history
Sri Lanka (tsunami) X John W. Kolff
Staten Island IV Cornelius Kolff
World War II II, XI Tineke Kolff-Sutherland, Robert Kolff
All issue of De Colve are included in the Library of the Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie
at The Hague, the Netherlands