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Links because of articles from De Colve published at this site
All issues of De Colve are available to the public at the library of the Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie at The Hague, Netherlands.
De Colve The Links:
De Colve II
An interesting link on the renovation of the house,
previously know as 'Duin en Dennen', completes the story
VIS Restauratie Architecten
After entering the site choose at top right for 'woonhuizen'
De Colve III
About Kolff van Oosterwijk
Below two links lead to websites only available in Dutch:
French Period at Middelharnis with an item on Kolff van Oosterwijk ('boekje open over Lambertus Kolff')
Het Laantje van Middelharnis and Kolff van Oosterwijk
De Colve V
Regarding the article on the old Dutch game of 'kolf'
Webmuseum Colf & Kolf (open May 15, 2010, through May 15, 2011)
Koninklijke Nederlandsche Kolfbond (Royal Netherlands Kolf Union, site is in Dutch only)
Municipal Archives Amsterdam
St. Eloy's Hospice Utrecht
De Colve VIII
On water management in the Netherlands
Waterschappen in the Netherlands (Dutch)
Vlaggen van de Nederlandse Waterschappen (Shipmate)
De Colve IX
About Gualtherus J. Kolff
The Kolff Fonds works closely together with HALIN (Hulp aan Landgenoten in Indonesië - Help to Fellow Citizens in Indonesia
De Colve IX
About Wyslawa Szymborska
Poland vs. Netherlands: a field of tension (Polish-Netherlands Cultural Association)
Verwondering is mijn missie (Article NRC Handelsblad, August 17, 2007)
Please also check Marius's website, where some of her work is quoted.
De Colve XIV La Quérette, the farm house with chambres d'hôtes of Oscar and Ingrid Endtz
Barbara Kolff van Oosterwijk: Foreign Eye Street Photography in Asia
De Colve XV (1) Inger Kolff: www.ingerkolff.nl
Saskia van Santen Kolff: www.reddress.nl
The 'Hague School' (Jacues [Jacob] van Santen Kolff)
De Colve XV (2) Collection of Maps: www.atlassen.info
Wikipedia: Vlieter Incident
Wikipedia: Samuel Story
Wikipedia (background information): Batavian Republic