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About the Kolff Family Association

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Purpose of the Association, Reunions   Other Activities   Contents of this Section
The Kolff Family Association was founded June 19, 1926, at Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In 2001 the 75th jubilee was celebrated. Currently (2009) there are approx. 430 members.
  Other activities include research on the genealogy of the Kolff family, keep the genealogy updated, publishing of books on the Kolff Family, and a magazine: once a year De Colve is published.   Look around, if you like, on the subsequent pages about the Association and its activities. See how the Association was founded and why. The text of the 1st General Assembly, the Founders' Meeting is included in this section (Dutch language only, sorry) and those who were present at that meeting signed for their presence. A copy of that document is shown at left here (see also the enlargement).

An important part of the members participate in the annual Family Days. Some charts on the participation are available in this section.

You may want to try to do the Great Kolff Family Quiz. Or visit our 'shop'.

Included at this section is also an excerpt of the regulations (sorry, in Dutch only). Further there are pages on the Board and Honorary Members, who were appointed because of their great contribution to the Family Association.

A seperate section for Members Only has more confidential information, such as the addresses of the members, annual reports from 1996 to date, the forthcoming Family Day, and more. To enter this section you need a User Name and a Password which is only available for members of the Association.

Signatures Founders Meeting Signatures Founders Meeting Signatures Founders Meeting
List with signatures of those present at the 1st General Assembly of the Association,
the Founders Meeting on June 19, 1926, at Hotel Weimar in Rotterdam.
Click on the image to see a copy in larger format.
Aim is to intensify the contacts between family members and to do all that benefits the spiritual and material interests of the Kolff Family.
Once a year an Annual Members Meeting is held. Since the Founding it has become practice to have this meeting coincide with a family reunion (see section Family Days)
  Most recent book on the Kolff history is Kolff in Zeven Eeuwen (Kolff in Seven Centuries) by Nelleke Manneke. Kolff in Zeven Eeuwen and other publications are available, you can order them online:
go to the 'Shop'.