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'Heerendiner' (Gentleman's Dinner) and Founders Meeting (1926)

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The association was founded in 1926. From some years before annually a dinner party was given to which only male, mostly Rotterdam Kolffs attended. Below an image of the first of these so-called Heerendiners (Gentlemen Dinners). Initiative for this dinner came from the brothers Tanny (Constantijn CBCD XVu4) and Herry (Herman CBCD XVu5) Kolff. To start a Family Association was suggested by their older brother Jan (Johannes Marius CBCD XVIv). On these pages is also a report, on rhyme, from this first dinner party. This rhyme was created by Cor (Cornelis Laurentius CBCB XVIr) Kolff. In this report one can read that Jan from the start suggested that also the ladies Kolff would be welcome at these dinners. Unfortunately the report on rhyme does not lend itself for translation into English, so it is published here in Dutch, the language in which it was written. Further at this section the text of the Founders' Meeting, in full, at hotel Weimar, Rotterdam, on June 26, 1926.
'Heerendiner' - March 9, 1920, at the Kolff-Hanegraaff residence on Eendrachtsweg 3, Rotterdam.
Heerendiner seated (from left to right):
1. Herry (Herman) (CBCD XVu5)
2. Cornelis Laurentius (CBCB XVIr)
3. Jacob (CBB XVIm)
4. Herman (CBCF XVz)
5. Aad (Adrianus Quirinus) (CBCC XVIt)
6. Tiep (Martinus Jan) (CBCB XVIs)
7. Dick (Dirk) (CBB XIVi10c)
8. Therus (Gualtherus) (CBCF XVy)
9.  Jan (Johannes Marius) (CBCD XVIv)
10. Dirk Herbert (CBCA XVIp)
11. Jan (Johannes) (CBA XVIj)
12. Aad (Abraham) (CBA XVI4)

standing (from left to right):
1. Tanny (Constantijn) (CBCD XVu4)
2. Jan (Johannes G.) van Breda Kolff (CCB XVIee)
3. Hens (Hendrik) (CBCC XVq3)
4. Dr. Johannes Marius (CBCD XVt3)
At this picture the host: Herman (CBCD XVu) is not shown. All are Kolff's.
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