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Family Days: Histogram, explication

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Number of Participants
I have taken the highest number on any day from any activity. To my opinion this gives the best view on how many people joined. Sometimes people leave before dinner, yet others only arrive by then. General Meetings are also not always participated in by all.
Ofcourse over the years not all the exact numbers have been kept in detail. Usually only a very small number of participants did not participate in either lunch, the afternoon programme, or dinner.
Some years are Top Years: The 50-year anniversary in 1976 obviously is one of them. Why exactly some other years have such high participation rate is not clear to me: I thought it could have to do with 'sailing', but when I compared this to the number there was no obvious connection.
Average participation
years   ttl. years   average  
  2016-2019 - 311 77,7
2006-2015   582   58,2
1996-2005   562   56,2
1986-1995   467   46,7
1976-1985   529   52,9
1966-1975   524   52,4
1956-1965   372   37,2
1946-1955   423   42,3
- 1936-1939 - 118 29,5
1936-1945   151   15,1
1926-1935   384   38,4

During the occupation years 1940-1945 there were only a few meetings: only in 1942 and 1943 with a limited number of participants and this was to discuss the continuation of the association and the support to family members. A total over a ten years period would not give a good view; that is why the period 1936-1939 has been taken seperately. It may seem clear that also these years have not been easy ones. Taken the overall average for the years without the occupation years we come to an average of around 46,5 per annum. Considering this we seem to have a good number of participants over the most recent decades.