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Great Kolff Family Quiz (2001) - Third Round

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This Third Round has five multiple choice questions.
Each question has only one correct answer.

Please consider that this Quiz was made for use in the summer of 2001.
Please note that many questions refer to Dutch historic and other local events.

  (question) (choice a-b-c)
Question 1. How many members does the Kolff Family have? 1.a - less than 250
1.b - 250 - 500
1.c - more than 500
Question 2. What is the largest number oif children ever born to one Kolff woman? 2.a - 12
2.b - 14
2.c - 17
Question 3. In which city most Kolff's are born?
(Excluding Rotterdam)
3.a - Deil
3.b - The Hague
3.c - Middelharnis
Question 4. How many times did a Kolff marry a Kolff? 4.a - seven times or less
4.b - eight to ten times
4.c - eleven times or more
Question 5. How many Family Days have taken place to this day (2001)? 5.a - 72 family days
5.b - 71 family days
5.c - 70 family days
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