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Great Kolff Family Quiz (2001): Score Results

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You have seen all the answers, wrote down your score and added up the totals. Here are the results of your score:
The maximum number of points you could get is 60.
50 - 60 points
Your knowledge of the Kolff Family is excellent. Our compliments!
40 - 50 points
You do know quite a lot about the Kolff Family. You most be a noted participant to the Family Days or you most spell out De Colve to the very detail!
30 - 40 points
You have a good knowledge about the family history. Through this quiz you got to know more.
20 - 30 points
Your knowledge on the family is not very high. Participating in this quiz gave you more information about the family.
10 - 20 points
A very low score. Why? Do you regularly participate to the Family Days, or not?
0 - 10 points
This score is disappointingly low. Nevertheless we hope you enjoyed participating in the quiz.
Thanks for participating in the Great Kolff Family Quiz 2001!
This Quiz was 'played' at the Family Jubilee Dinner 2001; the winner was: Agnes van Wensveen-Kolff (CBCF XVIbb2);
she achieved the highest score possible.
The quiz was created in 2001 by Nienke Kolff, Therus Kolff en Marius Kolff,
on the occasion of the 75-year jubilee of the Family Assocation.