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Welcome at the website of the Kolff Family Association

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About this website
This site contains information for and about the Kolff Family and the Kolff Family Association. It contains the genealogy with links to historical or biography pages. Of the Family Bulletin De Colve annually one or two articles are included here as well.
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This site is meant to supply information to members of the Family Association Kolff and for all others interested in the Kolff family. Building this site has started in June, 1999. Site has been launched with the first mentioning of its opening in De Colve (issue: V, May, 2000), the magazine of the association. Sections will be expanded and new ones added. The site has been created, and is maintained, by Marius Kolff (CBCD XVIIw4)
All comments will be greatly appreciated (use the Contact section).
Ds. Wolter (Gualtherus) Kolff   Petronella van Duyren
Rev. Gualtherus Kolff
  Petronella van Duyren
Family Day 2001 - 75 years Jubilee of the Kolff Family Association
75 Years Jubilee of the Association (2001)
'Heerendiner' (1920)
Helvetia ships at Willemsplein Rotterdam
The Story of a Painting (August W. van Voorden):
Helvetia Ships at a Rotterdam Quay
Contents of this this website
Welcome has all the information on this website and why it has been created. Association tells you more on the Kolff Family Association. For members of the association a special Members Section has been created. De Colve shows articles from our annual bulletin; of each year we include one or two. The Genealogy has been placed her in full (see below). In History one can read about the history of the Kolff's. Biographies has some interesting articles by Kolffs. Contact us from that page, or visit Links to check the links for further reading or private pages of Kolffs that included their private web pages here.
About the genealogy
tak voorbeeld schema The full Genealogy is included at this site, twenty generations, and more, of Kolffs:
From the earliest known Kolff in the 14th century up to the present day. Go to Genealogy to visit these pages: this leads you to the first of three introduction pages. We advise you to read the three introduction pages first before surfing the genealogy.
We Ask Your Special Attention...
The Youngest Kolffs
Biographies by Kolffs
Notable Kolffs, such as Willem Johan Kolff
The Geographical History of the Family
Articles from De Colve, our magazine
Our 'Shop'
For members of the association
For members of the Kolff Family Association a seperate Members' Section is available at this site. This section has confidential information and can only be entered with a Username and Password. Here the most recent notices and a full and updated list of members is available, and more.
Images at this 'Welcome' page
From top to bottom:
- Gualtherus Kolff and Petronella van Duyren: more about them in Genealogy, and in History of the Kolffs
- Group picture of the participants to the Family Day 2001 when we celebrated the 75 years Jubilee of the Association; more about this in Family Days
- One of the 'Heerendiners' (Gentlemans' Dinners) which formed the basis of the Kolff Family Association; see Association: Founding.
- The Story of a Painting (August W. van Voorden): Helvetia ships at a Rotterdam Quay.