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This page only states new and changed pages or sections, but not the contents of these pages and sections (e.g. genealogy, notices).
The Dutch part of the site is usually updated first, after which an update of the English part follows within a couple of days.
Site was launched April 1999 (check changes made before 2009); listed below are the most recent changes.
  This page is not updated any longer.
March 2016 The earliest generations I-VI and VII-IX have been adjusted to the currently known details.
February 2016 From 2016 onwards the family name of the father of the wife/partner of a male Kolff will always be mentioned in the Genealogy (see Genealogy: Remarks). The webmaster will gradually introduce this system to all genealogical details.
June 2015 Article on Kolff's ship in Middelharnis added to De Colve XX (Dutch section, Go To Article [new screen]).
October 2014 Overste J.M. Kolffstraat added to Histories/Geography
September 2014 Atomz Search didn't work any longer; Google Search added for site
October 2013 Forms have been deleted and other information on how to contact us has been added, i.e. see Contact page.
September 2013 Added History: Persons: 15 Mayors
September 2013 Added summaries of articles from De Colve XVII (2012) and De Colve XVIII (2013)
April 2012 Opening of Wieringen Island Museum, there special display on the two mayors' Kolff, at History: Persons: Twice Louis Charles
March 2012 Both English and Dutch sections have new Menu's no longer based on JavaScript but quite basically built up from tables.
March 2012 Story of a Painting revised and renewed.
February 2012 We worked on improvement of navigation after IE 9 introduction which discabled our menu (except when one used compatability mode.
November 2011 Removed page on images: however: we can still use many images for this site!
November 2011 Two books added: 'Driftig van spraak, levendig van gang', biography of D.H. Kolff and 'Dokter Kolff, kunstenaar in hart en nieren', biography of W.J. Kolff; follow the lead from the new Welcome page, which is now also the 'news' page.
November 2011 Page Story of a painting renewed (improved links, new pages added, pop-ups made more logical) and new details added.
November 2011 Swap at the opening pages: About this Site swapped with News, and other pages adjusted accordingly
October 2011 A new section within the Links: historical Connections with Kolff Family
April 2011 The Story of a Painting, at History: Geography, on a painting of a very special section of the centre of Rotterdam
April 2011 From De Colve XVI some articles have been placed at the website
April 2011 Welcome page changed
March 2011 Contents Page of De Colve added; menu bar contents changesd for better access
February 2011 New: an overview of online pages of De Colve with Historical Items on the family
February 2011 Family Day 2010 added
December 2010 Links of family members from Genealogy have been added to Geheugen van Nederland ([recollected] Memory of The Netherlands), or from other pages in case appropriate
October 2010 Home Page changed; Welcome (= following page) to be changed soon
October 2010 Member Pages revised and renewed (Members only; User Name and Password needed)
September 2010 Article from De Gelderlander on the House De Drie Colven at Nijmegen
July 2010 Acessibility for mobile phones made more easy (see at start page - opens new screen).
June 2010 History: Persons: Dirk Hendrik Kolff added in History: Persons (from De Colve XV) in English.
May 2010 De Colve, articles (3 later changed to 2, one moved to History Persons, see above)
and summary from De Colve XV added.
April 2010 Association: Family Days: Report 2009 added.
April 2010 Genealogy: Remarks: some more explication added on Dutch East Indies/Indonesia in respect of the references within the genealogy
March 2010 News: Royal Netherlands Kolf Union celebrates 25th lustrum.
February 2010 Links: Sites of Related Families: Removed the two existing links, because they were not working. We are still anxious for links to other related family's websites!
February 2010 Links: Links to pages of Members of the Family have been renewed.
January 2010 In Genealogy: Introduction, and parts of Structure and Road Map.
December 2009 From The Youngest Kolffs those born in 2008 have been removed.
December 2009 Dr. Willem Johan Kolff added to Biographies 1939-1950.
October 2009 In Biographies/Deil/Gualtherus images have been added.
October 2009
Kolff International Structure Small Copy of Table International Structure of the Genealogy showing the branches and their international diversity within the Genealogy.
July 2009 About the Association revised and image added.
June 2009 De Colve XIV: second article (Japan, the second time round) added.
June 2009 History: Persons: Willem Kolff: page on Kolff Memorial Symposium and Memorial Ceremony added.
April 2009 Biographies: Deil: Gualtherus added (from De Colve XIV).
April 2009 De Colve XIV: a summary of major articles, and one article (La Quérette) added.
April 2009 Welcome: On the Contents (of this site), replaced by Welcome: News.
April 2009
A dandy in the orient A link to 'Een Dandy in de Oriënt' ('A Dandy in the Orient'), Louis Couperus in Afrika, by José Buschman, related to the journey Ella (Petronella Maria Kolff-van der Giessen) and Jan (Johannes Marius Kolff) (CBCD XVIv) made to Algeria. Included at the bottom of the second page of their Algeria 1921 trip. Marius (CBCD XVIIw4, chairman, webmaster, but also grandson of Ella and Jan) was present at the presentation of this book in April 2009.
March 2009 Welcome page revised.
March 2009 Links: Archive - Beeldbank (Image Bank) of Nationaal Archief added.
January 2009 Links: Link to Stamboom Gids (where you can rank the kolff.nl website [Dutch language]).
January 2009 Start page (index) renewed.
December 2008
example of scheme Pages in the Genealogy Extended and Overview now have a useful little scheme at the top which can be clicked on and will open a pop up with an enlargement. An easy way to see where you are in the genealogy.
December 2008
Level Double-A conformance icon, 
          W3C-WAI Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 Site udated to xhtml 1.0 according to w3c standards. A few pages kept their html 4.01 coding, because of certain features we did not want to change yet.
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