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Below are earlier changes (since launch of site in April 1999).
December 2008
example of scheme Pages in the Genealogy Extended and Overview now have a useful little scheme at the top which can be clicked on and will open a pop up with an enlargement. An easy way to see where you are in the genealogy.
December 2008
Level Double-A conformance icon, 
          W3C-WAI Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 Site udated to xhtml 1.0 according to w3c standards. A few pages kept their html 4.01 coding, because of certain features we did not want to change yet.
November 2008 History: Persons: 6
Pages on Willem J. Kolff added and available (December 2008) in English.
July 2008 History: Geography:
Part 2 of 'The Youngest Branch at Middelharnis', in full available in English.
July 2008 Association: Family Days: Reports
2008 added, but still needs to be updated with photo's
May 2008 Genealogy: The Youngest Kolffs:
the newborn Kolffs in 2007 have been mentioned in De Colve (issue XIII, 2008) and thus have been removed from this page; here are now only mentioned The Youngest Kolffs born in 2008
May 2008 De Colve:
Summary in English and Article on 'Nimmerdor' from De Colve XIII added.
April 2008 Association:
New structure of this section for better accessibility.
April 2008 Genealogy: Patricianship
Some information on the Nederland's Patriciaat and the Kolff Family.
February 2008 Welcome: Warning
The warning on Stichting Genealogie Nederland has been removed from the menu.
If you want to read this file, you can do that here.
February 2008 Association: Founding: Heerendiner (Gentleman's Dinner):
A report, on rhyme, has been added (Dutch language only).
January 2008 History
All contributions at this section are now available in English.
January 2008 De Colve: new articles at (to replace those moved to History):
De Colve VI, 2001: About some family tombs at Hillegersberg
De Colve VII, 2002: The Lord of the Rings
De Colve XII, 2007: Kolffs at Naarden
January 2008 De Colve and History
Any of the articles previously placed at De Colve but also appearing at History have been removed from De Colve. New articles will be placed at De Colve to replace them there (more on this: see above).
January 2008 Kolff.nl moved to new host:
This site has been moved to a cheaper host. Unfortunately because the site was deleted by the 'old' host much earlier than we had asked for (January 15) we could not be reached for almost a week. Since January 9 everything could be placed with the new host and from January 12 also the scripts, coding of secured part of the site and the email-addresses are all properly functional.
December 2007 Biographies: A Voyage to Algeria in 1921
The Journal of Ella Kolff-van der Giessen is now also available in English.
December 2007 History: Persons:
Articles Twice Louis Charles, Willem Marinus, and Henriëtte and Gualtherus, have been translated into English. Article Twice Louis Charles has also been extended.
More translations of articles at section History to follow. Webmaster could do with some help here!
December 2007 Forum:
The Forum has been removed due to lack of contibutions. The last contribution was been placed December, 2004. For interested Family members the contents can be requested.
November 2007 The Youngest Kolffs:
The Youngest Kolffs were mentioned and lnked from the Welcome Page. In 2007 so many new Kolffs were born that a new page has been dedicated to them: The Youngest Kolffs. From the Welcome Page there is still a link to the Youngest Kolffs!
November 2007 Genealogy:
Thanks to pictures that have been made of portraits from the collection of the Stichting (Foundation) Cornelis Geertruyus Kolff some of the images on Genealogy could be added and/or renewed and could we add the possibility to open enlargements. An example can be seen at Genealogy: Extended: CBC.
August 2007 New section on this site: History:
Contributions on the Family History, sub-divided in Persons and Geography. A start was made at the Dutch section in June 2007 and the pages will be extended. Most of the text is in Dutch, sorry about that.
August 2007 Genealogy:
New pop up screen appears by clicking on a link about decorations.
Further: the Road Map has been revised.
June 2007 Association:
Pages on Family Days and Board updated to after 79th General Assemblee (2007).
May 2007 De Colve and Links:
Some articles from De Colve XII added, incl. a summary of all major articles,
and Links connected to the article on Middelharnis have been added.
From Links the Credits have been removed.
January 2007 Entire Site:
Pages revised and (most of them) coded according to w3c norm for html 4.01.
September 2006 De Colve:
Lay out of pages revised: Click more, but far less scrolling
June 2006 Genealogy:
Introduction revised.
June 2006 Honorary Members:
At the page: Association: Members of Honour: added: Cornelis Laurentius Kolff.
May 2006 De Colve:
Some articles from De Colve XI added.
May 2006 Biographies: Deil:
Anna Femina added
October 2005 Links:
A page to the Rotterdam Municipal Archives, where the Kolff Family Archives have been placed since mid 2005, and where a full inventory can be found of the Family Archive.
September 2005 A warning on Stichting Genealogie Nederland (link and page have been removed);
added to the 'Welcome' section, this is the page that follows the selection of the language.
September 2005 Lay out Welcome Page changed;
added more direct Links to contents.
September 2005 Biografies: Deil:
Biografies of Marius and Willem Marinus added.
May 2005 De Colve:
Two articles from De Colve X added.
February 2005 Links:
Links to Research Pages added.
Page with Credits added.
November 2004 About this Site:
Page on 'The Greatest Dutchman' (De Grootste Nederlander) removed.
August 2004 Genealogy:
The scheme mentioned below, the overview, seems to work well. Remarks from members of the family have told the webmaster so. For this reason the Overview has been completed and the entire genealogy can be seen in an Overview, which is can be reached from the Menu.
July 2004 Genealogy:
As a trial a scheme of some branches have been included at this site. It has been started with the branches CBCC and CBCD, and can be reached from these pages at the genealogy.
May 2004 Site:
Lay-out changed and colours on pages added for better viewing and to give the site some more 'life'.
May 2004 Biographies:
A new chapter: 1939-1950 has been included; this section is in start-up phase and will be extended (finished July 2004). The pages at this section are in Dutch only.
May 2004 Links: Research:
A project of the Dutch State Archives on 15 people imprisoned at the 'Oranjehotel' during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands; one of these people is Willem Marinus Kolff (AC XVIe).
April 2004 This Site:
Page with information on how to vote for Willem Kolff as one of the greatest Dutchmen (De Grootste Nederlander).
April 2004 Webrings, at Links, Genealogy Sites:
Because of the special request of the owner of this Webring the links to the benelux Webring has been replaced back at this site.
(See below: September 2002, Webrings)
March 2004 Members:
At this section a direct, but secured, link has been made to the database of the secretariat of the association. This ensures a fast and easy possibility for the secretary to process the data. It also shows members how their data are entered in the database. These pages are only accessible for members of the association. They have to use a username and a password for access.
January 2004 Links:
The section has been divided into sub-sections for easier access. Moreover logo's of Kolff owned companies have been added to make the appearance more attractive.
November 2003 At De Colve:
Links have been added at the Dutch De Colve pages where relevant: for the English section these links can only be used from the English Section Links Page.
June 2003 At Association: Board:
An extensive list of all members of the board since the founding of the association. The list includes dates of entry and departure, functions.
March 2003 For members of the Family Association: Members:
A secured section for Members only: at this section: notices, annual reports, lists of members, news, about the forthcoming Family Day
February 2003 Genealogy:
Added personal items (historical details) to Genealogy at the Branches B and CBA
a novelty: because here I went further than just mentioning the father/mother and son/daugher relationships;
it is my intention to add more (Ed. Marius)
January 2003 Genealogy:
Now most of the text is in English. Certain words, like those for professions have been left unchanged (i.e. in Dutch), but an easy dictionary is available.
January 2003 Menu:
Site totally revised: main issue: the new menu's;
more: at every page an indication of where you are.
Less clicking: more accessability!
Site colours have been changed. Yellow and blue are the Kolff-colours, but they seemed to be to 'cold', warmer colours have been put in place.
September 2002 Quiz:
The Great Kolff Family Quiz, the jubilee quiz 2001, has been placed on site for you to try to answer the questions yourself
September 2002 Links:
Links placed to family members will stay there, but links to other interesting sites have been added.
September 2002 Web Rings:
So many changes took place in the rings that links didn't work or that it involved a lot of work to stay in a ring. It has been decided to remove them all.
June 2002 At section Genealogy:
Renewed the branches for better overview, includes overview of the family names Kolff, Kolff van Oosterwijk, Van Santen Kolff, and Van Breda Kolff.
May 2002 At section Association:
The regulations of the Association (Dutch language only)
May 2002 At section De Colve:
Article from De Colve VII placed
mei 2002 Site: All email addresses:
now 'spam-free'
April 2002 At section: Biografies: a second contribution:
Ella Kolff-van der Giessen:
A journey to Algeria in 1921 (Dutch language)
March 2002 Changed Search Section
Due to noted difficulties (e.g. Genealogy vs. General search) search now only possible from one page
November 2001 Added new section: Biographies:
first biography shown here: Tora Kolff-Gerretsen (New Zealand)
July 2001 Changed: background colours of all text pages:
from yellow to soft blue
July 2001 Section: Family Days: Family Day 2001, description and group picture
Soon there too: The Grand Kolff Family Quiz
April 2001 Section De Colve: added article De Colve VI
Placed new counter NedStat
April 2001 Section Email changed to Section Contact
includes former seperate section Feedback:
- email board and association
- includes forms for
- changes in personal details such as:
- births, deaths, marriages
- changes of address
- ordering of articles
- register for family days
- feedback
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