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Site dedicated to Herman Kolff (CBCD XVIIw)

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Young Herman (1935) The work Marius Kolff (CBCD XVIIw4) does as secretary (1983-2006) and chairman (2006-current) for the Family Association Kolff is a continuation of what his father Herman (CBCD, XVIIw) did. Herman, Honorary Member of the Kolff Family Association, has been active for the association for many years. In 1984 Marius took over this 'job' at his fathers' request. In 2006 Marius has been appointed Chairman of the Association. This site has been built and is being maintained by Marius. Marius has dedicated this site to his father, Herman.

Herman is mentioned at this site as are all family members in the genealogy. Apart from that there is his contribution in Biographies: 1939 - 1950. Herman has been appointed Honorary Member, thanks to his work for the Kolff Family Association. Herman deceased 1997; two years later work on this site begun, three years later it was inaugurated by publishing about it in De Colve.

By creating and editing this site and by his activities in the board Marius hopes to fulfil the expectations of his father. His father stated, in 1983, that Marius would be a good successor for his activities in the Association.

Note: In 2009 Tineke, the second wife of Herman, died. Something from her her at: De Colve II (you may also want to check previous page from there).

Image: Herman (28 years old).