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Marius Kolff (CBCD XVIIw4) (Chairman of the Board of the Family Association and webmaster) holds the copyright of all of the contents of this site, including all images, text, text in and settings of tables, lay out and contents of the genealogy, and all other information.

The Coat of Arms as shown at this website has been created by Marius Kolff from a design on a tile that was a gift from Francisco Kolff (CBCD XVIw4) from Tostado, Argentina. For certain uses the digital Coat of Arms may be used after permission has been asked from . Permission will only be granted if there is a proven, direct or logical relation to the Kolff family and/or the name or any of the symbols used in the coat of arms. After permission has been granted the following conditions apply: when used on the web a textual reference is made and a hyperlink to this site is available. There are no other digital versions of the coat of arms available then those shown on this site. The webmaster reserves the right to withhold permission of the use, even if he decides not to explain why.

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