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Biographies: Introduction

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Biographies by and of members of the Kolff family
When the book of Tora Kolff-Gerretsen was sent to me by her son Hans Willem (Willie) Kolff (CCB XVIIoo) from Denmark I got the idea for this section. The document, in one page and as such not fit for publication here, has been edited by me (i.e. cleaning up FrontPage junk), divided into sections and pages, and placed on this site. The second 'biography', which doesn't deserve that name as such, is an account of a journey to Algeria in 1921 by my grandparents. I took that from a handwritten booklet that my grandmother, Ella Kolff-van der Giessen (CBCD XVIv), had written. The idea is to give the information on this site a somewhat personal touch. A third chapter has been added in 2004: '1939-1950' and a fourth one in 2005: 'The Deil Kolff's'.

Marius Kolff

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From the Lowlands to the Hills   The story of a lifetime that spans from Holland, to Indonesia, back to wartime Holland and to New-Zealand.
Author: Tora Kolff-Gerretsen (CCB XVIff).
A Voyage to Algeria in 1921   An account of a journey to a not so ordinary destination in the early 1920s. Enlighted with photos and other images.
By Ella Kolff-van der Giessen (CBCD XVIv).
World War II: 1939 - 1950
  Experiences of members of the family who were called for duty, in the years 1939-1950, members of organised resistance, or volunteers to relief the victims of war.
By Kolff Family Association, Johannes Marius Kolff (ed.) (CBCD XVIv.
The Deil Branch of the Kolff Family
  Of this oldest Branch (A) of the Kolff Family some biographies have been placed here.
By Liesbeth-Huijssoon-Kolff (AC XVIe1).
Tora en Kees
Victoria (Tora) and Cornelis
From the Lowlands to the Hills
Ella en Jan
Ella and Jan
A Voyage to Algeria
H.M. Koninging Wilhelmina bezoekt Kesteren, maart 1940
H.M. Queen Wilhelmina
and Jan (1939-1950)
Willem Marinus Kolff
Willem Marinus
The 'Deil' Branch
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