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From the Lowlands to the Hills - Introduction

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Tora Kolff's Book Cover An autobiography as well as a family account,
by Victoria Christiana (Tora) Kolff-Gerretsen (CCB XVIff)

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The book describes the childhood of the author and the whereabouts of the Kolff-Gerretsen Family (CCB XVIff). The family moved from Holland to Indonesia, back to Holland and in the 1950s to New Zealand.
The author is Tora Kolff (Victoria Christiane Gerretsen, born 1912, deceased 1994, married 1934 to Cornelius Kolff). The book was published in the 1980s. Publishing this book here supports the aim of this site: to provide information to family members and to keep family members from all over the world united. Pictures at this section of the site are all reproductions from the book.

Division of Chapters: each chapter has two or more pages.

Thanks go to Tora's son Hans Willem (Willie) Kolff (CCB XVIIoo) from Denmark, who contributed to the site with these pages.