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1939-1950: Start

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An apology: the major part of this section is available in Dutch only.
On initiative of the Kolff Family Association a booklet was published that was issued on May 5, 1955. This booklet contained the experiences of members of the family that were engaged in military activities in the years 1939-1950. A programme for research for students of secondary schools (or colleges) was set up by the Netherlands' National Archives (Nationaal Archief) (see: Links, Research). One of the persons that students could do further research on was Willem Marinus Kolff (AC XVIe). For us this has been the reason to start including, in Mei 2004, parts of the above mentined booklet. Since July 2004 all articles are available here.

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Added by me (Marius, webmaster) in the Overview (at bottom): Dr. Willem Johan Kolff (CBB XVIIh). The booklet aimed mainly at military activities, but also others have been active in the resistance movement. For as far as known to me I want to add these persons here too.