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Gualtherus Johannes Kolff - Journalist en uitgever te Batavia (5/5: extra)

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Historie: Personen: 8. Gualtherus Johannes Kolff 
Journalist en uitgever te Batavia: Gualtherus Johannes Kolff (CCB XVIs) (1826-1881)
Aan deze pagina's over Gualtherus J. Kolff wordt nog gewerkt; ze zijn nieuw, maar nog niet 'officieel' geïntroduceerd..
Kolff Fonds

Some time ago the name of this foundation, which was unknown to us, came to our attention. We discovered that the Kolff Fonds van 1881 was founded by friends in the Netherlands and the Dutch East Indies (now: Indonesia) of Gualtherus J. Kolff (CCB XIVs) (Dutch pages: CCB XIVs) after his sudden death in 1881. Gualtherus was a journalist and publisher and hosted a literary Salon in Batavia, which made him a well known man in the years between 1850 and 1868. His name survived him in the name Drukkerij G. Kolff & Co., booksellers, publishers and printers in the Dutch East Indies. The funds were initially intended to erect a monument in Leyden, the city where he died, but soon it was decided to use the funds for a foundation that would continue his spirit. And so the purpose of the foundation was to assist impoverished Dutch Indonesian families or widows and orphaned children, things Kolff did during his life. Further to achieve stronger ties between the two parts of the kingdom for their mutual benefits. Well known people formed a board, sent out requests to Kolff 's friends, of which 96 contributed. Of these 96 there were 46 contributors from the Netherlands, and 50 from the Indies. All together an amount of Dutch Guilders 2295,50 was raised, and a great number of people also reported to the board that they were prepared to take in children from families in the Indies whenever necessary. In 1882 the Kolff Fonds of 1881 was approved by Royal decision. This Kolff Fonds still exists and works closely together with the still very active HALIN (Hulp aan Landgenoten in Indonesië - Help to Fellow Citizens in Indonesia), in fact - since a couple of years - the boards of both organizations consist of the same persons. Persons of which it was considered important that they had some kind of Dutch Indies background, a preference that has been dropped in the sixties of the 20th century.

Noot: Aan Gualtherus Johannes heeft Nelleke Manneke in 'Kolff in zeven eeuwen' (Rotterdam, 2001) ook een apart hoofdstukje gewijd (pag. 80-81).